Welcome to Lakeland City Lacrosse. Lacrosse sports programs available for youth and HS Boys.

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Interested in helping your Lacrosse Team? 

We need your help with the following positions during our Spring Season:


2 people High School Club Game Book - Critically Important Job, you have to attend one afternoon of training, this is our official record and the accolades our players receive after the season will be based on the statistics you record (coaches will help you). (just time at each game)

1 person Sponsorships - We would love for local businesses & community leaders to join us on our mission to develop great citizens who play great lacrosse. If you have the right skill set we REALLY need help in this area (estimate 10 hours at beginning of season)

1 person Field Paint - gets the field ready for games, line field (paint) once a week. We provide paint and sprayer (1 hour per week)

1 person Game Table - Sets up/ takes down table, score card, cones (30 mins a week)

1 person Runs game clock- (just time at game)

1 person Concessions

1 person Water - bring cooler (we provide) with ice & water for games (30 mins each game)

1 person Uniforms - responsible for handing out uniforms at beginning of year and then collecting & cleaning uniforms at end of year (2-4 hours during season)

1 Person Referee Pay - Pick up of Referee pay checks for games (20 mins per game)

2 People Parking - Suggested donation for parking is $5 per game for families. Our families will receive a parking ticket for one car for each home game (parking donations covered in your registration). This money helps cover our operating costs. One case of field paint is $20, referees cost $140 per game. With 10 home games it adds up fast. (1 hour per game)

People Coaches - Do you want to help coach? We can start you on a training program

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We know that everyone has hectic schedules so we are grateful for any help we can get.  If you are interested in ANY of these positions and can only help during the times your child is on the field that is fine.  Just contact us and let us know when you would be available and we can work with your schedule. 

Know any students looking for community service hours?  This would be a great way to earn those hours while helping our team.  You do not need to be a player to help out.  Friends and family members are welcome.

Maybe you know someone in a visual arts program who could use some valuable practice time.  They would be perfect to take video/photos of our games!  Again, a great way to earn some community service hours.

For more information contact our team administrator at .